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Sliced Seedless Watermelon


W.G. Hamil Watermelons & Produce, Inc strives to continually provide superior watermelon products throughout the United States. The highest quality watermelons are shipped to both wholesale and retail markets. Greg Hamil, along with son Michael, are onsite at all shipping facilities to ensure quality control and timeliness. We use state-of-the-art grading and sizing TRIPAK machinery in order to consistently identify the highest grade watermelons. W.G. Hamil is on the cutting edge of food traceability using GTIN labeling at the case level as well as providing pack/ship date, which insures a fresh and safe product. Along with having CanadaGAP certified packing sheds, we also have a HACCP certified person on staff. This insures not only the highest quality watermelons but also a safe product. Seedless and seeded watermelons are available for shipment beginning in late April until Labor Day.

The Brand

The W.G. Hamil Signature Sweet brand focuses on our major point of difference: we are hands-on at every stage of the growing season, and we carefully grade all of our watermelons for size and quality consistency.

To the Hamil family, watermelons are much more than a business. To us, they represent 81 years of handed-down tradition, learning and know-how, and a proud legacy we intend to pass on to the next generation. As it states on our label: “Our Family Name is on the Line.” That’s an obligation we don’t take lightly.

Greg Hamil, Owner/Buyer

Michael Hamil, Buyer


W.G. Hamil Watermelons & Produce, Inc is a proud member of the following organizations:

Dun & Bradstreet
Red Book (Business Character Award)
Blue Book
National Watermelon Association
Georgia Watermelon Association
Florida Watermelon Association
Indiana Watermelon Association

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